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Update on "Hope"!

 Our vet estimates the is around 5 years of age. The masses are mammary growths that are common in intact female dogs. Her blood work indicates several red flags that will be more telling when the basic necessities are met over the course of the next few days (nutritional needs are met, anemia is decreased through parasite treatment, and core body temperature is increased through fluids and nutrition). The good news is that she loves physical touch and the kindness of our vet’s staff and her appetite has been steady. She is currently cuddled up at our vet’s office being cared for by some extremely compassionate, loving individuals. These photos are from one of the tech’s who reports she is loving all the blankets 🙂 

"Hope" Needs Our Help


This morning, we received a call about a female pitbull who was found last night on Route 38 past St. George. The caller reported that she was in very poor condition. We picked her up and immediately brought her to the vet for an assessment. She has been named "Hope."
She is extremely underweight, infested with fleas and worms, is hypothermic, jaundiced, and has large wounds ruptured into masses covering her abdomen that are riddled with infection. She is
so, so sweet, but is in dire need of extreme care. Her medical expenses will be high, as she will require hospitalization, antibiotics, comprehensive blood work, parasite treatment, and eventual removal of the abdominal masses.

Please consider donating to help cover her medical expenses. Our PayPal account is available at www.tcanimalshelter.org or donations can be paid directly to our account with All Creatures Great and Small Veterinary Hospital in Elkins, WV. Checks can be made out to All Creatures Great
and Small with the memo "Tucker County-Hope" and mailed to 801 Randolph Ave Elkins WV 26241, or donations can be made over the phone by calling (304) 637 2400 and mentioning that the donation is for Hope with Tucker County Animal Shelter.
Thank you all for sharing and for your support!


We Need help!


We are in search of individuals or businesses interested in placement of feral cats. Through the work that we do in helping local communities with Trap, Neuter, Release efforts, we come across many cats that are not suited for life as house pets. These cats may be feral or have tendencies that cause them to be stressed in home or shelter environments. Feral cats housed close together in a shelter setting breeds disease and stress, regardless of efforts made to decrease stress. We rely on community members who are willing to open their property to these cats. They are spayed or neutered and are up to date on rabies vaccination. Applicants for “Barn Cats” go through the same adoption application process, but the cats adopted must fit the criteria that they are not suited for life as an indoor cat. Interested parties must be able to provide a supply of food, clean water, and shelter for these cats. There is no adoption fee associated with barn cat placement, but as aforementioned, these are cats that are not suitable for indoor life.

Please call Bailey at 304 642 6509 or email director@tcanimalshelter.org if you can help.

Our goal is to help the communities that are dealing with colonies of community cats to decrease litters of kittens as well as to eliminate disease transmission. Our ultimate goal is to have all feral cats in the area spayed or neutered. We cannot accomplish this expensive and overwhelming goal without the cooperation of the community.

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Who Are We?


We are the only "no-kill" shelter in the area

Tucker County Animal Shelter is a “no-kill” shelter who works to find loving homes for the unwanted and abandonment pets of Tucker County.   A "no-kill" shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety. 



The Animal Shelter  and the Animal Control are funded through fines, dog licenses, adoption fees, and donations. Unlike private shelters that have limitations on the number of pets they accept, we accept all animals. 



We are always in need of supplies.  Items such as dry dog and cat food, disposable gloves, Lysol, bleach, cleaning supplies, toys, etc.  If you're not sure whether we can use an item,   - just ask!  Please  call (304) 478-6232, to find out if your item could be used to help the shelter animals.  

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 The Friends of the Tucker County Animal Shelter is a non-profit, 501-3c organization that supports the No-Kill  Tucker County Animal Shelter, in Tucker County, West Virginia.   All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. 

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