Additional Information


Entry Date: 6/20/18

Entry Reason: Found wandering at large through Parsons. 

Neutered male husky/hound mix. 

Estimated Age: ~3 years old

Axel is a very loving boy who does great around people! He loves to get scratched behind his ears and to go for long walks. He is friendly and high energy! 

Axel is not a big fan of other dogs, especially male dogs. While he has done well with some of the dogs at the shelter, he can display signs of aggressiveness toward other dogs, especially if they are getting the attention he believes he deserves! 

He is well on his way to being housebroken and although he was neutered as an adult, he does not cock his leg and mark inside. 

Cats are intriguing to him and he will chase them, but it is unlikely he would bring harm to one. 

He has THICK fur! Loves to be brushed!