Why become a foster parent?

Fostering is a life-changer for many animals who enter our shelter. While we do everything in our power to make all animals times at the shelter as pleasant and comfortable as possible, their time here does not compare to what their life would be like in a home with a loving pet-parent. There are many reasons that an animal would benefit from a stay in a foster home prior to adoption, some examples including the following:

  • mamas nursing kittens and puppies
  • bottle babies
  • sick but treatable animals who need medication multiple times a day
  • injured animals
  • senior animals
  • animals with behavioral issues that need work prior to adoption 

Spring and summer when we get slammed with cats and kittens is a prime time that having a reliable list of foster families is important. We provide the food, supplies, and vetting, you just provide the love and attention! If you are interested in our foster program, please complete an adoption application available by clicking here and contact us at

You can make a difference! Be the change!